Our Founders

Dear Stakeholders, 

In 1994, we established our first steel service center in Kdz. Ereğli, which was the land in which the iron and steel industry was born, in our country, by taking the experience of steel trade dating back to 1986 and in 1996 we continued to serve with Tatmetal brand. As one of the first practitioners of that period, we brought innovative machine technology to Turkey and Ereğli in order to provide world-class steel service.  

We worked non-stop with our goal of doing the best job we know best and providing superior products and services. In addition to providing steel service in the period from 2000s to today, we realized our integrated production investments by establishing our pickling, cold rolling, galvanizing and color coating facility with the aim of producing steel. While planning these investments with our equity, our belief and trust in the future of our country have been our greatest motivation. 

Being a responsible, solution-oriented, reliable business partner, our sincere approach and our enthusiasm for innovation have brought us the success of being one of the largest industrial organizations in Turkey. 

Today, we strengthen and develop our corporate structure with a management approach that adapts to changing conditions; we continue to work in the field of technology and digitization to cover our services, products and business processes. 

We carry out our activities with the understanding of sustainability in a way that minimizes the impact on the environment in the framework of respect for nature and human beings. It is our duty to invest in our country and our children, and we continue to grow and develop with this understanding.

We would like to thank all our employees and stakeholders who have been with us in creating this value and who have contributed to this process while working non-stop with the desire to see Tatçelik as an exemplary player in the sector. 

Akın Tatoğlu & Hayrettin Yavuz

Company Profile

Tatmetal produces hot rolled pickled, cold rolled, galvanized and painted flat steel under Tatçelik brand as one of Turkey's leading flat steel producer.   Automotive, Durable Goods, Construction, Energy and Machinery-Equipment are the leading industries it serves.

With a capacity exceeding 1.5 million tons, Tatmetal produces in many different steel grades such as commercial, deep drawing, extra deep drawing steels, low alloy high strength HSLA steels, medium and high strength structural steels and enameling steel. In addition to its production, it performs cut to lenght, slitting, roll forming processes in the Steel Service Centers in line with the demands and needs of the user.

As a global player in the sector, it exports to more than 70 countries in 6 continents and it is ranked at 54th among the first 500 largest industrial companies in Turkey.

Tatmetal, which has the goal of producing value-added products based on its investments with its equity, uses innovative technologies.

Since its establishment, it aims to contribute to the development of the country, closely deals with its environment and carries out social responsibility projects. It creates new opportunities for education and culture and creates employment beside the people of the region.

With the principle of leaving a better world to future generations, it adopts the approach of environmentally conscious management and produces various projects within this framework.

Always aiming for the better with the responsibility and awareness given by its strong position in the sector, Tatmetal is always on the side of its business partners with its proactive relationship discipline, trouble-free supply management and more than 600 employees. 

  • Ranked 54th among Turkey's 500 largest companies.
  • Steel Production Complex with 177.00 m2 area
  • Production capacity exceeding 1.5 million tons




To be an exemplary company with the difference it makes today and in the future.




Tatçelik creates value for all its stakeholders;

By offering products that make a difference with the understanding of permanent development,

As a preferred partner with a customer-oriented, proactive and solution-generating approach,

By always investing in the future with a passion for innovation,

By writing success stories with competent manpower,

By adopting a sustainable approach and social responsibility activities and a business approach that is sensitive to the community.



Tatçelik is;


Reliable stakeholder by fulfilling its promise to business partners.

Customer Oriented

Always produces solutions for different demands and needs.


Shapes the future of innovation by daring to create change with each step it takes.


Builds strong ties with its stakeholders through its quality business understanding.


Aims to fulfill its responsibility to its stakeholders, to the community and to the environment.

Tatçelik continues to grow and develop by adhering to its values.