Customer Technical Services

Tatçelik aims to add value to its customers by transforming customer requirements into product and service design. It works for the existing and long-term product and technical needs of its customers and provides the development of special technical specifications.

With 34 years of experience in steel works, Tatçelik designs its product and process solutions in accordance with its customers ' operations and markets. It helps its customers grow their business by offering technical consultancy and hands-on support in line with the need. With its experienced engineers, chemists, metallurgy and manufacturing experts, it always cooperates with its customers.

Tatçelik serves many sectors working at high standards such as automotive and white goods; offers its customers support in product, process, product development, technical information, packaging and logistics stages.

Tatçelik meticulously evaluates all returns from its customers with a continuous improvement approach.

It evaluates the inappropriate material notifications within the Customer Technical Services team, examines the problem on-site when necessary and takes samples for further determinations. It evaluates the data obtained within the framework of the sales contract, international standards and customer complaints evaluation procedure of the material subject to the complaint and finalizes it within 15 days.

By evaluating customer complaints with the participation of all process owners, it plans and implements the necessary activities to prevent repetition.