Tandem Line 1.5 million tons / year production capacity

Cold Rolled Non Annealed Flat Steel (CRFH)                                         

Cold Rolled Non annealed Flat Steel is produced by cold rolling of hot rolled pickled steel. Because the strength values are very high, these steels are not suitable for shaping.

It is preferred for applications such as packing steel (steel straps and seals), gas and hydraulic pipe clamps that require high tensile strength and require tension resistance.

Cold Rolled Annealed Steel (CR)

Cold Rolled Annealed Steel (CR) products are obtained by undergoing surface cleaning, annealing (recrystallization annealing), tempering and oiling processes. In this way, the values defined in the standards for surface smoothness, width and thickness tolerances are met. 

Cold Rolled Annealed Flat Steel is preferred in the production of panel radiators, white goods / brown goods, automotive, automotive supply industry, filter productions and ventilation equipment.

Production Limits

Thickness: 0,20- 3,00 mm

Width: 800-1550 mm

Surface Quality: A, B

Surface Type: Bright (BR), Semi-Bright (SB), Matte (M), Rough (R)

Surface Protection: 0 – 3.00 gr / m2

Quality and Standards

Cold Rolled Products Quality & Standard
Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steels For Drawing and Deep Drawing DC01, DC03, DC04, DC05 / EN 10130:2008
Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steels For Drawing and Deep Drawing SAE 1006, SAE 1008 / SAE J403:2014
Cold Rolled Carbon Steels SAE 1010, SAE 1012, SAE 1015, SAE 1016 / SAE J403:2014
Cold Rolled Steels For Enamelling DC01EK(1), DC04EK(1)(2)(3) / EN 10209:2013
Cold Rolled Low Carbon Steels For Drawing CS TB 1006(1) / ASTM A1008M:18
Cold Rolled High Yield Strength Steels For Cold Forming HC260LA(1), HC300LA(1), HC340LA(1), HC380LA(1)(3), HC420LA(1)(3), HC460LA(1)(3), HC500LA(1)(3) / EN 10268:2006+A1:2013

(1) All grades which is nearest EN standards shall be subject to negotiation at the time of enquiry and order.

(2) Issues and/or tolerances not mentioned here to be agreed at the time of enquiry and order.

(3) Under development

Cold Rolled Steel Product Catalog

Cold Rolled Steel Product Catalog