Tatmetal, one of the largest industrial enterprises in Turkey, continues its growth with new investments in the new year. Scheduled to commission its third galvanized sheet manufacturing line in 2024, the company is taking concrete steps in green manufacturing with its investments in renewable energy resources. The company aims to continue the stable development of its commercial activities and increase its efficiency with AI-supported digital infrastructures.

December- Tatmetal takes firm steps in line with its vision to create value for the future. Boosting its industrial capabilities with its new galvanized sheet manufacturing line, the company adopts a sustainable green manufacturing approach with its investments in renewable energy resources. Tatmetal is also making all business processes more efficient with its digital transformation projects.  

Stable development will continue with investments in new lines

According to the results of Turkey's 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises 2022 (ISO 500) research conducted annually by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Tatmetal ranked Turkey's 54th largest industrial enterprise with its 2022 performance.

Further data from Turkey's Top 1000 Exporters 2022, a study published by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), indicated that the steel industry was responsible for 8.3% of Turkey's total exports with exported goods worth 21.1 billion dollars, making the industry the fourth largest exporting sector in 2022. The research also ranked Tatmetal 48th among the top 1000 exporting companies in the goods export category and 59th in the goods and services category due to its 2022 export performance. Tatmetal ranked 12th among 90 enterprises operating in the steel industry, all listed among the 1000 exporting companies.

The company aims to continue its stable growth with the third galvanized sheet manufacturing line scheduled to be commissioned in 2024. The new line will help Tatmetal’s approach to create value and increase the company’s annual galvanized sheet production capacity to 1,420,000 tons.

Significant investments in renewable energy for a sustainable future

Tatmetal has made a significant renewable energy investment on behalf of its subsidiary Şule Enerji and will build a wind power plant with an installed capacity of 66 MW within the scope of the investment agreement worth 60 million Euros. Acquired by Tatmetal in 2022, Şule Enerji A.Ş. holds a license to operate a wind power plant with a capacity of 200 million kWh of electricity generation. Tatmetal will be able to cover its own energy consumption with the wind power plant to be commissioned in 2024 and supply the extra electricity to the distribution companies, thus avoiding 120 thousand tons of carbon emissions. The construction of 11 turbines has started on an area of approximately 600 decares on the Isparta-Konya provincial border. The project is planned to be completed in 2024.

Tatmetal is making further investments in solar panels with an installed capacity of 10 MW and an average annual production of 12 million kWh, which will be installed on 70 decares of the roof area of the production facilities in 2022. The new solar power plant planned in Karabük will have an installed capacity of 7.80 MWe and generate nearly 13 million kWh of energy. These projects will make Tatmetal a fully energy self-sufficient company. The new solar power plant project is expected to be operational in the second half of 2024.

Widespread digital transformation

Tatmetal continues its digital transformation journey at full speed. The company has completed the facility and capacity planning phase of the 3-phase advanced planning project and began working on the material planning and product traceability phases. Additionally, the company can now trace all materials with the commissioning of a handheld terminal developed with new technologies for stock-taking of coils, zinc, paint, consumables, and all other warehouse items in its facilities. The company finalized its integration into the instant communication systems of 24 banks to accelerate its financial processes.

Tatmetal has also laid the foundations of the Level 3 project, which will provide instant communication and increase the efficiency of all its facilities in the new year. Furthermore, the company has established a development environment with care for information security within the scope of its digital infrastructure efforts and initiated its journey to reach big data by combining the data collected through its apps with the data collected from the field. Tatmetal aims to implement systems that can provide foresight with artificial intelligence with these efforts.