Tatmetal, one of the leading flat steel manufacturers in Turkey, aims to create a shared corporate identity focusing on equal treatment of all individuals, diverse identities, rights, and opinions with its “Equal Values Platform for Social Equity.” The company took its first steps on the issue and started a Gender Equality Awareness training program to help realize its sustainable development goals

Tatmetal has initiated its Equal Values awareness program with its gender equality training program, to prevent any inequality faced in any class of the society and raise people’s awareness to help them take action.

Taking its first steps to come up with a common global solution for gender inequality with this initiation, the company included awareness training on different issues, which show themselves in the form of low employment rate among women, inequality of opportunities based on gender, informal labour and symbolic/language discrimination, to its program. Designed under the motto, equality for all individuals, diverse identities, rights, and opinions, the Gender Equality training programs will be provided to staff of all ranks and continue throughout the year.

More than 600 employees will produce value for equality

The training programs implemented under Equal Values Platform and in collaboration with KPMG Akademi will see the participation of more than 600 Tatmetal employees, who will receive training from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Feyza Ak Akyol, an academician of the Sociology Department of Galatasaray University. The program will aim to create a common corporate identity on equality of opportunities with sessions themed “gender equality terms,” “gender stereotypes,” “the linguistic and symbolic construction of inequality,” “implicit bias,” “domestic division of labour,” and “glass ceilings.”

Tatmetal saw a rise of 123% in the total amount of employees and 172% in women employees in the last 10 years. The company also supports women managers in assuming responsibility in ethics and discipline committees, while also providing kindergarten allowance to employees whose partner is also employed, thus supporting women in continuing their careers.