Tatmetal is growing stronger with new investments in renewable energy in line with its vision of creating value for the environment and industry. Tatmetal's subsidiary, Şule Enerji, has signed a 60 million Euro contract to build a wind power plant with an annual capacity of 200 million kWh. The 66 MWe plant is scheduled to be commissioned in 2024.

July 2023 – As one of Turkey's largest industrial organizations, Tatmetal has made a significant investment in renewable energy through its subsidiary, Şule Enerji. Following the €60 million investment agreement, the company will install a wind power plant with an installed capacity of 60 MW within one year. With the acquisition of Şule Enerji A.Ş. with a license for a wind power plant with a capacity of 200 million kWh of electricity generation in 2022, Tatmetal will be able to cover its own energy consumption with the wind power plant to be commissioned in 2024 and supply the extra electricity to the distribution companies, thus avoiding 120 thousand tons of carbon emissions.

Value to the Environment and Industry

Hayrettin Yavuz and Akın Tatoğlu, members of Tatmetal's Board of Directors, and Yu Tiecheng, CEO of Goldwind, the company contracted to build the plant, attended the signing ceremony, which was held at Tatmetal's manufacturing plant in Karadeniz Ereğli. Commenting on the agreement, Hayrettin Yavuz said, “Manufacturing is an energy-intensive industry with high energy costs. On the other hand, the environmental awareness adopted for the commercial processes in the export markets has led the Turkish manufacturers to more responsible and ecological energy options. As Tatmetal, we began investing in renewable energy sources last year in line with our vision for the future and our understanding of creating value for our partners and the environment. We started this journey with solar plants and will carry it further with our new wind power plant to be commissioned in 2024. We make these investments through our subsidiary, Şule Enerji. Upon completion of the project, we will rely solely on renewable energy sources and be prepared to supply excess energy. We want to continue our growth as an environmentally friendly industrial company.”

The subcontractors working for Şule Enerji will employ nearly 100 people during the construction process of 11 wind turbines in a 600 decares area near the provincial border between Konya and Isparta. Once operational, the plant will employ 12 people. After the completion of the project, Şule Enerji will be able to supply all the generated electricity to the electricity distribution organizations.

Further Investments to Expand Solar Energy Capacity

Tatmetal is making further investments in solar panels with an installed capacity of 10 MW and an average annual production of 12 million kWh, which will be installed on 70 decares of roof area of the production facilities in 2022. The new solar power plant planned in Karabük will have an installed capacity of 7.80 MWe and generate nearly 13 million kWh of energy. These projects will make Tatmetal a fully energy self-sufficient company. The new solar power plant project is expected to be operational in the second half of 2024.